Let us paint the picture.

Brian just received his acceptance letter to join Zip Code Wilmington’s next cohort. (Congratulations!) He excitedly calls his loved ones to tell them the great news. He hangs up and logs into Twitter to write a post about “new beginnings” accompanied by a selfie.

In the midst of his excitement, a list of responsibilities begins to fill his mind: How will he manage the three months of intense boot camp? Can he work almost 100 hours a week? Where will he live?

The Zip Code Wilmington team understands that joining the cohort can be a life-changing decision with considerable logistical and financial implications, but now students can now take housing off their concern list.

Zip Code Wilmington has partnered with Delaware College of Art and Design (DCAD) to create a new housing option for Zip Coders. DCAD has been an anchor of downtown Wilmington’s Creative District for more than 20 years and is located within walking distance of the Zip Code facility.

“Housing is a key factor for many of the students looking to take advantage of the opportunities Zip Code provides,” says Eric Saul, DCAD’s chief financial officer. “DCAD is glad to partner with Zip Code to make boot camp more accessible to students who live out of state or need inexpensive, short-term housing to in order to participate.”

Zip Code’s agreement with DCAD dedicates a floor in one of the College’s residence halls to Zip Coders during their 12-week boot camp. As a result, boot camp students get both a short commute and the chance to engage in the Creative District’s arts, shopping and dining experiences.

All units have refrigerators, microwaves, and washer/dryers. Heat and air conditioning, hot water, electric, and WiFi are included in the rent of $900 per month for single occupancy or $450per person for double or triple occupancy. These arrangements are exclusive to Zip Code students. 

No matter where you choose to live,you will want it to be a positive experience. Here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Choose the right roommates: Roommates can make or break your housing experience. Choose people you will want to live with for the 12-week boot camp. It’s good to share a common interest such as coding. 
  2. Understand your finances: Bootcamp takes a lot of focus and mental energy – energy that will make it difficult to have another job. Make sure to talk about financials before leasing your space. 
  3. Think about transportation: Pay attention to what’s within walking distance to your home, especially if you don’t have a car. Can you easily get to public transportation? Is everything you need in close proximity?

To apply for the special DCAD housing or to get more information, contact Eric Saul at 302-622-8000 x121 or esaul@dcad.edu.