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Zip Code meets passionate and driven students where they are, providing them with the skills and support to jump start their career. Zip Code’s immersive training program is an exciting and efficient way to learn the skills and gain the experience necessary to succeed in the software industry.

Since 2015, we have successfully trained over 600 coders and transformed the lives of our graduates and their families. We have a competitive admissions process and are looking for candidates who demonstrate resilience, teamwork, and grit. Our students come from all walks of life – food service, retail, education, healthcare, sanitation, veterans and national guard, government employees, and so many others. We’re changing lives while building the collective technology talent pipeline for the region through long-standing hiring partnerships.


Zipcoders work for the industry’s best.

The foundation of Zip Code is the great relationships with hiring managers at top companies across the country, creating an impressive employer pipeline for Zipcoders. Software developers and data engineers are two of the most highly sought-after candidates in the current job market. Our team is constantly building relationships within the industry and opening new doors for Zipcoders. They want you to fill their open positions!

Here are some of our top partners:


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  • Average Annualized Earnings

    Before ZipCode:
    After ZipCode:
  • Data Engineering

  • Software Development



We offer Software Development and Data Engineering & Analytics courses. Both of our best-in-class coding programs include hands-on training to get you ready for a new career in technology.

Along with Zip Code’s rigorous coding curriculum, we focus on professional development skills such as resume writing, interviewing, and networking, all of which will ensure your success for years to come.


Zip Code Wilmington operates a 24/7 facility at The Mill in downtown Wilmington. Our aim is to create a safe, fun, and collaborative learning environment. There are many quiet places to work on your craft and meet as a group for projects.

Why Wilmington

Nestled between New York City and Washington, D.C., and a stone’s throw away from Philadelphia, Wilmington is a big city with a small-town feel, offering ample opportunity to eat, shop tax-free, play and learn. Wilmington also has 552 acres of picturesque parklands, which means plenty of room to enjoy the great outdoors!

Referred to as the “corporate capital of the world,” more than half of the nation’s Fortune 500 companies call Wilmington home, which makes it the perfect location for Zip Code Wilmington.

Our Team

We are proud to have an expert team that is committed to offering you a world-class learning experience and supporting you well beyond your 12-week bootcamp!

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