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Zip Code Gives Everyone An Opportunity
to Grow, Learn, & Succeed.

Zip Code Wilmington recognizes that
talent is distributed evenly. Opportunity is not.

We level the playing field for high-quality technology training.

We make it accessible and affordable to change your career in a short period of time.


In 2015, our co-founders launched Zip Code Wilmington – a nonprofit software coding bootcamp purposely designed to be accessible and affordable to all with the talent and desire to attain a high-demand software programming career. Beginning with the end in mind, Zip Code Wilmington developed its curricula with direct input from the employers that hire our students. As a result, our students have the necessary skills to meet or exceed employers’ needs for their entry level tech talent.

Our aim is two-fold – First, we train and help place skilled students in indispensable software programming roles so that they can build a better life for themselves and their family and, as a result, lift up their community, one line of code at a time. Second, we build long-term, lasting relationships with tech companies in order to provide a pipeline of highly-skilled tech talent, attract new employers, and support economic growth in our region.


Zip Code Wilmington’s mission is simple – train, place, repeat! Zip Code Wilmington supports the economic development of the greater Wilmington Region by providing accessible and affordable software programming training to high-potential individuals who have the raw talent necessary to become entry level software developers and data engineers.

We educate our students in the programming languages and skills that employers are demanding. This gives our students an amazing opportunity to quickly gain the skills needed to launch a career as a software developer.


See how passion meets profession at Zip Code!

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