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Reach out to our Director of Corporate Partnerships and set up a meeting!

We have a variety of benefits:

  • Access to participate in “Power Interview Week”, an exclusive opportunity to select students to interview immediately after they’ve completed their cohort. 
  • Access to our online resume portal to explore candidates to set up interviews and make job offers. 
  • Provide students access to your organization’s technical assessment like Codility and HackerRank.
  • Provide speakers for our “Meet the Experts” series to share expertise on a technical subject or information about your company and ongoing tech projects.
  • Hosting site visits to showcase your business, company culture and campus; students visit and meet your tech team leaders. 
  • Direct access to Zip Code Wilmington’s leadership to discuss and inform the curriculum created by the school to respond to the tech community’s needs.
  • Marketing and public relations support showcasing that your company is a thought leader in recruiting and upskilling the next generation of tech talent. 
  • Opportunities to volunteer and help students with mock interviews, tutoring, resume writing, and other assistance.

You can become a Friend of Zip Code Wilmington! Joining this community means you will help us to advance Zip Code Wilmington’s mission by building strong connections throughout the Delaware community. Friends of Zip Code Wilmington consist of the area’s ongoing connectors – those who introduce the organization to new companies and others in the community who want to assist, educate, and recruit our great tech talent.

Candidates applying to Zip Code Wilmington undergo a rigorous and competitive process to get admitted into Zip Code Wilmington. Candidates typically put in 40+ hours to complete the application, assessment, group and individual interviews.

Our students come from all kinds of diverse backgrounds. We provide candidates not only with racial and gender diversity, but also socio-economic background, educational, diversity of thought and experiences. Some previous roles include Delivery Driver, Waiter, Nanny, US Army, Hospital Admin, and Sports Coach.

31% of our grads are women, 33% are under-represented minorities in technology, over 60% have a 4-years degree or higher, and the average age of our graduates is 35 years old. You can also Download The Audited Outcomes Report to see more details about the demographics of our recent cohorts.

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