As you’ve probably noticed, software runs the world. From your mobile devices to your TV screen, from your car to your coffee machine, software is all around us, and behind all of it is good, clean, code. Over the past few years the limits to what technology can do for us on an everyday basis has expanded, and with that has come a tremendous need for talented software developers to write the backbone of all of these technologies. Learning a programming language has become just as important, if not more so, than learning to speak a secondary language (sorry, there is just no use for Klingon).

dsc_0579There is a use, however, for talented software developers. According to there are more than 500,000 available computing jobs available in the U.S., and that number is set to double over the next few years. This is an incredible opportunity for those who are looking to change careers, those who are looking for stability in their work lives, and those who have always been interested but felt intimidated.

Zip Code Wilmington’s non-profit coding academy has transformed the lives of so many students, from all backgrounds and demographics. We’ve helped professional chefs, engineers and artists change careers and become successful developers for Fortune 500 companies. We’ve helped students who felt that college wasn’t the best option for them due to rising tuition costs or other constraints create a career. Our educators work hand in hand with companies to develop a curriculum that prepares our grads to tackle real world scenarios so our students are as prepared as possible to make an immediate impact once they become part of a dev team.

Zip Code Wilmington just celebrated its 1st birthday and there’s no looking back now. We’ve graduated 66 students, with our largest cohort of 31 currently immersed in their Java education. Our students are hard-working, tenacious, diverse, and talented individuals who have taken a very brave sdsc_0570tep in the right direction for their futures. A skilled software dev team is behind all of the incredible technology you interact with daily. Zip Code Wilmington’s mission is to help put skilled students like you in those indispensable positions so that we can take the first step towards changing the world. Apply today and take your first step.