Dear Lifehacker,
I’m interested in getting a job as a programmer, but I don’t have any formal training. I heard boot camps can get me into a job in just a couple of months. They seem intense and expensive, though. Are they worth it?

Could-be Coder

Dear Coder,
You’re definitely not alone in your interest in coding as a career. Programming is one of the highest paying and most in-demand careers you can find these days—and it doesn’t require a four-year degree. Coding boot camps promise to get you job-ready in a relatively short amount of time.

Over 60 boot camps have risen up in the last few years to meet the needs of career changers and others looking to get on the fast track to a nearly six-figure job in software development. These programs—usually 8 to 12 weeks long and costing $10,000 on average—offer hands-on training, career guidance and community support, and the opportunity to work on personal projects you can showcase to prospective employers. They’re like trade schools for the digital age. Although they can be a great way to become a professional coder, boot camps aren’t for everyone. Let’s look at the pros and cons.

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