The title of this article uses the term “career” instead of “job.”  That’s intentional. 

At Zip Code Wilmington, we want our students to find a meaningful career in technology, not just another job. Our 12-week coding bootcamp is designed to give them the technical training needed to excel as a Java software developer or data engineer while preparing them for entry level position interviews at major companies – many of which are in the Fortune 500 – to secure a new career in tech. 

Why we care?

Our coding bootcamp is different by design. We were purposely created as a nonprofit coding bootcamp in order to instill a mission and incentives that support the economic development of our region and of each student that comes to Zip Code Wilmington. Our graduates’ success leads to the community’s success which leads to our success.

Our nationally recognized and awarded training program is as intense as it is successful. Our students receive more than just exceptional skills training and the tools needed to feel confident when meeting with a potential employer, they learn how to understand other languages, frameworks, and technologies that will keep their skills cutting edge and current as they move forward in their career. This is just the beginning of the journey! 

Whether they have coding skills or not, people apply to Zip Code Wilmington for many reasons. Mainly, they do it because they love the challenge and feeling of accomplishment that they get from coding and they want to learn more. In addition, they want a career in tech and to enjoy the freedom that comes from the financial benefits of a career in coding. Typical post-Zip Code Wilmington salaries graduates earn are nearly double, triple or quadruple their previous salaries. This is a dramatic change! 

With this new income, graduates can buy a house or car, pay off their debts or student loans, put their kids in great schools, and make sure they have the things that they need now and in the future. They can be a role model for members of their extended family and be a role model for the entire community – it is life changing, not just for them, but for anyone else that is connected to them. 

For Zip Code Wilmington, our mission, our work, our purpose, and our impact are personal. We believe code builds communities, one coder at a time, with nearly 500 graduates and counting.

How graduates secure a meaningful career

During our 12-week immersive coding bootcamp, we begin with the end in mind and focus on that goal throughout the process; specifically, opening up career opportunities for our graduates. We do this in a number of ways, including: 

  • Early access to corporate partners, including many Fortune 500 companies that are looking to hire Zip Code Wilmington graduates
  • “Meet the Experts” speaker series and campus visits to provide an insider’s look at local hiring companies and the careers available to our graduates
  • Resume writing support
  • Mock interviews
  • Engagement with a network of nearly 500 Zip Code Wilmington alumni, including connection via an Alumni Slack group
  • Sharing alumni stories on our website and social channels because we are proud of their accomplishments 

If you are looking for a new career in tech, contact us. We want to be your career partner. Apply now on our website for our next cohort which begins in October 2021.  

Are you alumni who would like to share your story with Zip Code Wilmington students and candidates? Please DM Dan Stabb in the Zip Code Wilmington Alumni Slack channels or email us at