by Desa Burton, Executive Director, Zip Code Wilmington

Want a new career with great earning potential and growth? Try software programming – starting salaries are typically $75,000 – 100,000+ and it’s the only field growing by 22% over the next decade according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Every other field is projected to grow by 4% (on average); moreover, every other field is concurrently being consumed by technology. You can’t escape technology and, honestly, why would you? It makes life so much more efficient and enjoyable. Getting into a tech career means that you can make this growing trend benefit you and your family!

That being said, getting into software development involves more than just learning to code. For many, it also requires brushing up or developing networking and interviewing skills and preparing yourself for a professional career.  That’s why at Zip Code Wilmington we focus not just on teaching coding skills but also on developing Y-O-U through weekly professional development training exercises and projects.

Here are some of the best references I have found to help those transitioning into a tech career develop their professional skills and find the motivation and self-confidence to make this life-changing decision:

  1. Cracking the Coding Interview, 189 Programming Questions & Solutions by Gayle Laakmann McDowell
    This is an essential book for anyone looking to break into a tech career. The book begins with a brief explanation of the interview process and dives deep into what the interviews will be like, how to prepare, and provides hundreds of specific questions that one can use to get ready for the interview. This is the quintessential guide to tech interviews.

  2. Ace the Data Science Interview, 201 Real Interview Questions Asked by FAANG, Tech Startups, & Wall Street by Kevin Huo and Nick Singh
    This is one of the best new books to hit the tech ‘prodev’ market. Two Ex-Facebook career coaches got together and created a guide for data scientists and engineers – thank you! This is not just a guide for data tech types; anyone can use it to improve and prepare for the transition into tech. Bonus: Follow Nick on social media to get even more timely tips and advice!

  3. The DevelopHer Playbook: 5 Simple Steps to Get Ahead, Stand Out, Build Your Value, and Advocate for Yourself as a Woman in Tech by Lauren Hasson
    This may make the Christmas list! It’s a must read for all – not just women. In fact, it should be on every desk or device of anyone who is looking to make a transition in tech whether you are entry level or beyond. Roadblocks and challenges on any journey are inevitable, but what Hasson has done in the face of them is nothing short of remarkable. Super powers and super belief in yourself don’t come standard, but this book will help you harness them both!

  4. Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson, M.D.
    Although this is not a book about communication, per se, this is a classic book about staying on the cutting edge! If you are not sure about whether a transition into tech is right for you, read this book and you will have your answer. Has technology moved your cheese?

  5. Relentless, From Good to Great to Unstoppable by Tim S. Grover with Shari Lesser Wenk
    Get in the game – the tech career game! This book is written by an authority on sports performance and motivation, so reading it is like having a drill instructor at your side 24/7/365 encouraging you to get the most out of yourself each day. If you have imposter syndrome or you feel as if you are just not capable of greatness, read this book. You can do it! Zip Code Wilmington has over 600 graduates, and counting, who have made and are making this transition. Why not you? Why not now? Get in the tech industry; take aim at a great career! 

These books capture everything you need to know about the power of believing in yourself, your budding or developed skill sets, and the things that make you the tech creative you were born to become.

At Zip Code Wilmington, we help people harness their technical and professional superpowers over 12 weeks of 1000+ hours of training. Apply today and you can learn these skills and how to harness them to propel your career forward. If you can’t join us, at least you can get a running start on a new career with the information and experience these authors have collected and shared with the world.

Transitions are never easy, but this one sure is worthwhile and you can learn alot about yourself and your capabilities along the way. Challenge accepted? Then, get into tech!