Make 2018 different with a new set of skills and career in tech.

It’s that time of the year again! The holiday season has ended and people are geared up and focused on their resolutions for the New Year. As trite as resolutions may seem to some, many others look to the New Year to wipe the proverbial slate clean and start again. It’s an opportunity to refresh, refocus and renew in your life — career goals are no different.

That’s where Zip Code Wilmington comes in. For those that are looking to make a career shift in 2018, joining Zip Code Wilmington is a great option. Let’s go over a few reasons why.

  1. Tech is booming. With so much flux and downsizing in other industries —the tech industry has continued to grow at exponential rates. It’s expected to grow another 22 to 38 percent by 2020.* What more needs to be said?
  2. You learn a new skill. Learning to code enforces logical thinking, builds communication skills, and increases earning potential — a win, win, win. Gaining technical skills that makes you stand out from the crowd will help them not only in searching for a technical job, but also in the future pursuing non-technical roles.
  3. Zip Code’s impact is proven and well-documented. Our alumni success stories are an inspiration for those looking for a new direction for their career and sometimes their lives. Eighty-nine percent of the students who enroll graduate and 96 percent of them secure paid roles in just six months.* Hear a few of their stories here.
  4. It’s only takes 90 days. It can be overwhelming to try and change your life over the year, but the short time-commitment of Zip Code Wilmington helps many see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  5. The salary boost is amazing. The stats tell an amazing story: The average annual earnings for students before Zip Code is $30,459, compared to $63,909 after graduation.* 

Still have questions? If so, we’re here to answer them. We are hosting an “Ask Us Anything,” information session January 10 at Theatre N in the Nemours Building. Any questions you have about the application, curriculum or even how to prepare for a boot camp, now is the time to ask! We’ll walk you through the admissions process and allow time for you to meet some of the alumni. 

We’re currently accepting applications for our Spring cohort that begins in May 2018, so you don’t want to miss this. Sign up today!

*Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
*Completion and placement rates shown above represent data for students who graduated through April 2017. 
*After graduation salary shown above includes full-time, direct hire roles and apprenticeships. Salaries were annualized for graduates placed in apprenticeship, contractor or intern roles and paid on an hourly basis.