We are proud to announce that Leslie Nutter is our new Candidate Recruiter! Leslie joins Zip Code with decades of experience and truly impressive credentials: She is the former Chief Operations Officer of DE.TV, founder of marketing firm Infinite Visions, and is an Air Force Veteran. Her new position at Zip Code is to recruit candidates across the Wilmington Region and help increase student enrollment.

Check out the Q&A with Zip Code’s Candidate Recruiter below.

Please tell us a little about your new role with Zip Code.

My role with Zip Code is to spearhead efforts to attract more Zip Coders.

What do you hope to accomplish in your role with Zip Code?

My aim is to expand the reach of Zip Code by connecting with prospective candidates, building relationships with community organizations and potential employers, and helping transform people’s careers and, ultimately, their lives.

Describe a positive experience that had a lasting impact on you.

I used to work in foster care in Philadelphia as a foster parent recruiter, trainer and community liaison. There was a lovely couple that visited my office, eager to adopt a baby. Although they had been married for years, they didn’t have any children together. The husband had a teenage son. Recognizing that adoption might be a lengthy process, I encouraged them to enroll in the foster care program as an alternative.

Within just two weeks of attending my training, a 3-month-old baby boy needed a home, and less than a month later, another newborn baby boy needed a long-term placement. When I asked them to consider taking in both babies, they were initially overwhelmed but they eventually agreed, remembering what they had not only asked for but also prayed for.

This incredible couple went on to adopt both boys, who have since grown into thriving, bright and remarkable young budding teenagers. It’s a testament to the adage, “Be careful what you pray for. You might just get double!”