Article courtesy of jaxenter

Programmers are amongst the highest paid and most sought-after employees. However, this can all change depending on the specific programming languages one is proficient in. Java is up there as one of the most in-demand and top-paying.

Vacancies for programmers are always emphasising the need to know a specific programming language. So much so, that the question of which language skills pay best has already been explored on JAXenter.

Research conducted by Computer Science Zone highlights where the demand lies and where the job openings are, with the help of career research platform Gooroo and data collected from WANTED Analytics.

In a helpful infographic, we’re shown how many vacancies there are for some of the most popular programming languages – including Java, which has an average annual income of approximately $84,000 USD per annum. The big bucks lie in Scala development, which is the only language listed to go over the $100k mark.

According to WANTED Analytics and considering the vacancies, the top 5 that make up the most popular and sought-after languages ​​are SQL, Java, JavaScript, C# and Python. As the table below shows however, the popularity of a language doesn’t necessarily equal to earning more in the salary stakes (e.g. SQL).

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