Ten years ago, I walked into my first beginner’s Java class in Kenya as the only girl in the room. I was greatly discouraged by the other students but I wouldn’t give up because I knew I wanted to train in Java programming. I stand today to prove them wrong. Just as I did, anybody can learn java and excel in it! Today, I am a very successful java programmer, due to my training and the wonderful potential that Java has. It was one of the best decisions I ever made, and you can begin your journey to Java excellence as well, with this Introduction to Java Programming course.

To aid in your study, I’d like to share 20 Java project ideas that helped me and will sharpen your skills as well. To start, a little about this amazing programming language:

• You can develop just about any program using the Java programming language. This is made possible by the fact that Java is an Object Oriented Programming language.
• Java is not going anywhere. Java has been around for two decades and still going strong. I will not deny that there are times when java development goes down, but at the same time, Java has always responded well. If Google can choose Java for Android apps development, you know that it’s doing well. They have lots of faith in Java.

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