No matter where you are in the world, somewhere close by there’s an application running Java. And that gives developers of those applications an overwhelming feeling of job security. From San Francisco to New York City, Java remains one of the most in-demand coding languages for startups and established organizations alike.

And there’s no signs of slowing down.

According to, the job outlook for software developers is expected to grow 22% through 2022. That’s a stark contrast when compared to traditional occupations in law and healthcare which are expected to grow at a modest 10% through 2022.

16,000 and growing

According to a recent article from infoworld, Shravan Goli,’s president, an online job search website, over 16,000 positions as a Java developer are available at any given time.

“Java was named one of the Top 10 skills hiring managers search for when in the market for cloud candidates, according to our November report,” said Goli. “And considering it’s a basis for so many open source projects, demand for tech pros with this programming language [skill] doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.”

Unemployment’s low

Software developers are in such high demand they’re one of the only position in America whose unemployment rate is lower than 2.7%

According to the study by, the average percentage of unemployed software developers was 2.6%. Less than half of the national unemployment average of 5.3%.

Innovation follows Java

According to the same report by, companies that are looking to develop new products or develop new ground-breaking internal software products rely heavily on Java developers. “As technology evolves, these ‘creators’ are key to helping company systems stay current — and companies know it,” said Goli.