Getting started in a technology career where youre developing websites or creating apps can seem very complex and hard to do, discouraging people from entering the tech field. While this world tends to seem exciting and creative, partly because you are building something from scratch, it can also feel out of reach for many. Why? Because careers in coding, software development, and web design often have math associated with them. Fear not, if youre not a math wizard, you can still reach your technology career dreams and excel. 

The reality is, knowing intricate math equations is not a prerequisite for a career in coding, or software programming. While they seem to go hand-in-hand, being highly proficient in computer science, computer engineering, or math in general, is not a direct route to a career in technology. In fact, some might encourage you to skip these classes, because knowing basic calculus and algebra is more commonly used in these jobs. 

So what makes a good programmer or coder? Its curiosity, the ability to problem-solve, not being afraid to fail (trial and error), patience, and having an interest in constantly learning. Yes, math at its core is about solving problems but so are puzzles, Sudoku, and logic. If problem-solving interests you and you do not get frustrated easily when uncovering answers, if you get excited about learning constantly, and are overall a curious person, then youre poised to have a promising career in technology. 

“A curious person who wants to help solve real world problems is far more likely to be good programmer than someone who excels at math,” states Kris Younger, our Director of Education.

Want to test the logic puzzle waters? Try the one below:

The day before two days after the day before tomorrow is Friday. What day is it?

Lastly, aside from problem-solving, another strong trait to have is communications skills. Writing effective code is great, but when its paired with strong communications its a winning combination because you have the ability to provide and take feedback so you can adjust the technical language needed to succeed. 

If you think youre ready for a career in software development or thinking about coding, but dont know where to start, email us! Were happy to help and answer any questions you might have (like the answer to the above problem, which you can also find by highlighting the hidden text below). 

{ The day before [ two days after (the day before tomorrow is Friday) ] }
The day before tomorrow is Friday –> so Friday is the starting point

{ The day before  [ two days after (Friday) ] }
Two days after Friday –> Sunday

{ The day before [Sunday] }
The day before Sunday –> Saturday

is the answer.