My hands were shaking…I could barely breathe

I had just finished the first one-one-one coding assessment in my six-month coding bootcamp and it had not gone as well as I had wanted.

Honestly, I felt like I bombed it.

Slowly, I withdrew my hands from the keyboard. My mind was racing. It was going to be ok, right? Surely there would be a point where I didn’t feel so lost? When I wouldn’t feel like I didn’t have a clue, right?

Did I just make a huge mistake by putting my life on hold and taking out a loan to start this coding school when I would never be able to become a developer?

I needed a little reassurance. In a moment of self-doubt, insecurity, and vulnerability I turned to my instructor and said, “I know I didn’t do so well but I’ll get better, I’ll be able to learn and become a developer, right?” He threw his hands up and said, “I can’t say…this isn’t for everybody. Not everyone can learn it.”

I was crushed.

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