Coding bootcamps are becoming more popular.

The second annual study from Course Report, a coding bootcamp reviews site, found that the number of graduates from schools like Code Fellows and Coding Dojo in the U.S. and Canada will reach 16,056 in 2015, up more than 138 percent from last year. The number of schools, which focus specifically on computer programming education, also increased from 43 last year to 67 in 2015.

The study also found the average tuition at $11,063, with an average program length of 10.8 weeks. Estimated tuition revenue for the bootcamp schools this year will hit $172 million, up from $52 million in 2014.

As a comparison, Course Report co-founder Liz Eggleston noted that there were 48,700 undergraduate computer science graduates from accredited universities in 2014. Eggleston said that coding bootcamps can help make a dent in filling the gap for developers.

“Coding bootcamps don’t mean the end of computer science degrees by any means,” she said. “But it is interesting that at this rate, bootcamps may be graduating the same number of computer science grads, which will start to change the face of the developer job pool.”

Eggleston added that, according to another study Course Report did last year, bootcamps are about 38 percent female, compared to 14 percent of women getting computer science degrees at colleges or universities.

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