“The biggest code competition in the littlest state.” HackerRank framed it best.

It’s time to put your coding skills to the test! Are you ready to strut your stuff in front of the country’s top coders? Well this is your chance. Join us in celebrating the art of coding in the land of great beaches, tax free shopping, and Joe Biden; Wilmington, DE!

OpenBracket Delaware is going to be one of the country’s largest coding competitions and its’ going to be held in lil’ ol’ Delaware. Thousands of coders are expected to compete online nationwide, and the finalists will be invited to Delaware on November 4th to compete in the final rounds. $50,000 in prizes will be given away including $10,000 to the first place winner. The competition begins October 15th with a round of online trials held by HackerRank. Those of you who are anxious and ready to code can register for the event at http://hackerrank.com/openbracket.

Delaware has recently become a technology hub and has been named the fifth best US city to launch a tech start up. Wilmington is also home to lots of businesses who are in desperate need of good talent. This could be your chance to show what you’re made of in front of companies like Chatham Financial, JPMorgan Chase, Christiana Care Health System, Capital One, M&T Bank, WSFS Bank, Microsoft.

Zip Code Wilmington is incredibly excited to be a partner in this event. Our mission at Zip Code is to continue to educate and set our students along a path towards software development. OpenBracket is going to be tremendous opportunity for coders to showcase their talent and commitment to the community.


For more information on OpenBracket Delaware, visit https://www.hackerrank.com/openbracket