The first week at Zip Code has been as exciting as it has challenging. When students were confronted with the rigorous coursework, limits were tested and confidence was shaken.

It is very important that students realize that building great software is not a one-man effort. At Zip Code, we encourage a community where students are responsible for their fellow classmates’ progress. To promote community, and collaboration we got them started in Git during the first week.


Git is a version control system. A version control system enables you and your team to work on projects at the same time without interfering with each other’s progress. This is achieved through branches. Usually projects are hosted on a remote server as repositories. A branch is a version of the original working directory of the repository or the master branch. A developer creates and works on a branch and eventually pushes this branch to the server to await critique and validation from the rest of the team. Depending on the review, this branch may become part of the master branch.

Git is practically an industry standard and knowing your way around Git is a skill you’re expected to have as a developer. It allows the developer to work without worrying about the possible loss of source code and provides the team as a whole with a method of staying connected in code. With Git, our Zip Coders can work together to overcome the considerable challenges we throw at them and support one another as they move towards becoming professional developers.

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