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The last time we looked at the best programming languages to learn in 2015, JavaScript, Java, PHP and Python appeared good options when you analyze popularity on sites such as GitHub and StackOverflow.

Alternatively, perhaps we can determine the “best” technologies to learn from job-related metrics such as demand and salaries? Career planning company Gooroo examines more than 500,000 IT vacancies throughout the US, UK and Australia to produce their 2015 salaries and demand report.
Top Ten In-demand Technologies

The following technologies feature most strongly in job vacancy advertisements:

Java — featured in 18% of adverts with an average salary of $100,000 USD
JavaScript — 17%, $90,000
C# — 16%, $85,000
C — 9%, $90,000
C++ — 9%, $95,000
PHP — 7%, $75,000
Python — 5.5%, $100,000
R — 3%, $95,000
Scheme — 3%, $65,000
Perl — 3%, $100,000

These are worldwide statistics which will have a US bias owing to its larger market. C# hits the top spot in the UK (32%) while JavaScript wins in Australia (13%).

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