When interviewing new candidates, I’m often asked if previous coding experience is required. The emphatic answer is no. Beginners are welcome, and encouraged, at Zip Code. Here’s why:

We need beginners to join the field

The software engineering industry needs you. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that by 2020 there will be 1 million more computer science-related job openings in the United States than college graduates qualified to fill them. In order to bridge this gap, we need beginner coders, those without computer science degrees or previous experience, to enter the field.

With unmet demand for software engineers, don’t underestimate the value you can provide by learning to code.

We’ll take you step by step

At Zip Code, our application process is beginner friendly. Prior to evaluating candidates on their coding skills, we provide each applicant with the resources they need to learn quickly. These resources include two JavaScript tutorials (Codecademy and The New Boston) and a website for tackling practice coding challenges.

By completing these two tutorials, attempting some practice problems and studying hard, you will be well suited to succeed in our competitive application process.

We teach the right skills

As a beginner, you don’t know what you don’t know. Fortunately, Zip Code will prepare you with the exact skills Wilmington’s employers want. Through partnerships with name-brand fintech companies like Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Capital and Barclays, our instructors have an inside look at the tools and frameworks used within large corporations.

At Zip Code, we’ll teach you those tools and frameworks while you build your resume with the skills that name-brand companies seek from entry level developers.

What You Do Need

While we don’t require our candidates to have prior coding experience, there are some traits we look for in Zip Coders, including:


Grit is defined as perseverance of effort in achieving long term goals. Passion, dedication and commitment are necessary traits for Zip Code applicants. If you don’t give up easily, Zip Code is for you.


There are many ways to solve a single software engineering problem, and sometimes creative solutions are the most innovative and efficient. If you’re able to think outside of the box and identify multiple ways to solve the same problem, Zip Code is for you.

Logic and Problem Solving

Coding involves breaking down large complex problems into small bite size chunks. If you have excellent reasoning and inference ability and identify small challenges within larger ones, Zip Code is for you.

Algebra II

Math is central to computer science, but, believe it or not, you’ll only need a good grasp of Algebra II to succeed as a developer. If you’re comfortable with high school level math, Zip Code is for you.

So beginners, don’t fear! With software increasingly touching every aspect of life, the coding industry needs you.