The road to success starts with preparation. While we provide online tutorials for all applicants after they apply, we understand that sometimes it’s tough to learn a new language on your own. 

Zip Code Wilmington now offers monthly admission prep sessions for first-time applicants preparing for the online assessment.

Over the years, there are two things the Zip Code Wilmington team has noticed about bootcamp applicants:
1. They’re awesome; 2. They’re often nervous about the application process.

We get it! There are info sessions, online assessments, and interviews all before you put in hard work and grueling hours for three months. The process is meant to be selective, but the goal is for each applicant to be as prepared as possible.

The three-hour prep sessions are designed to acclimate applicants to the basics of coding. Think of it as a brief  introduction course to a new language. The instructor will teach basic coding concepts and review sample questions from the online assessment that is required by all applicants. Attendees will learn the fundamentals of Javascript and how to use it to solve simple coding problems. By the end of the course, applicants should have a understanding of basic programming concepts to help with the online assessment.

The Saturday prep sessions will be held once a month at Zip Code from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. It’s open to all applicants who have not taken the admissions assessment. The session is free and applicants can reserve their spots on first come, first serve basis (spots are limited).

The next session date is Saturday, November 17th. Check our events page for dates on upcoming sessions. 

Sign up here for the November session.