Jobs today are looking for a different set of skills than they were even just a few years ago. As new tools are developed and implemented into the workforce, the most attractive employees are the ones who rise to the challenge and learn those new tools.

Tech skills exist as one of the only business skills that are needed regardless of your industry, department or job title. Whether you’re working in marketing, sales or in a leadership position, having basic and some advanced skills is necessary to success.

Today, if you’re looking for a new job, or are looking to advance in your current career, learning new tech skills could be a great way to get ahead. But gaining a diverse set of skills isn’t enough either. You have to ensure you’re getting the right skills, too.

Here are a few of the most in-demand and impressive resume boosting tech skills you can get started learning today.

  1. Coding

    Coding is the #1 in-demand skill in the workforce today. Whether knowing a little bit of HTML or more complicated and robust languages like Java, having some coding skill is better than none at all.

    Java’s one of the most popular coding languages for people to learn who are looking for a second career, and jobs that require Java skills are among the most in-demand and prevalent jobs today.

    CEOs of large companies are also stepping out and urging today’s younger generations to learn how to code.

  2. Big data

    With the advent of the Internet of Things, and the mountains of data that are already piling up, knowing how to handle and what to do with it all will be essential. Every app that’s created is also an analytic app and it’s up to people who have experience handling large swaths of data to use it.

  3. Cloud computing

    The cloud’s been gaining steam, and more organizations are adopting it as their new normal. Partially due to the rise of the remote employee and partially due to progress that’s been made in security, the cloud is quickly becoming the ‘new normal’ in business today.

  4. Mobile

    As the world’s Internet users slowly move to heavier mobile use, the need for talented people to design that mobile experience will grow.

  5. Data visualization

    As we mentioned before, the amount of data that’s being produced 1on our mobile applications and websites is astonishing. Moving into the future, there will be a growing need to people with the skills to get a handle on all data, and arrange it in a meaningful way.