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Programming in JavaScript

This book’s aim is to provide you with the most basic of fundamentals regarding JavaScript, the world’s most popular programming language.

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Tutorial Platforms

Introduction to JavaScript

Use this tutorial to learn programming fundamentals and basic object-oriented concepts using the latest JavaScript syntax.

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10 Days of JavaScript

Learn the basics of JavaScript on the HackerRank platform.

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Arithmetic properties

This is a pre-algebra course focusing on the specific arithmetic properties and operations of multiplication and addition.

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Equations, expressions, and inequalities

Equations and inequalities are both mathematical sentences formed by relating two expressions to each other. In an equation the two expressions are deemed equal which is shown by the symbol =.

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Algebra foundations

This topic is an overview of the fundamental ideas and tools of algebra.

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Solving equations

Learn how to solve linear equations that contain a single variable. For example, solve 2(x+3)=(4x-1)/2+7.

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Algebra functions

A function is a relationship between two variables. The first variable determines the value of the second variable. The value of the first variable corresponds to one and only one value for the second variable.

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Systems of Equations

A system of equations is a set of two or more equations that you deal with at one time. When solving the system, you must consider all of the equations involved and find a solution that satisfies all of the equations.

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Coding Meetups

Open Data Delaware

Open Data Delaware is a group of people interested in exploring how we can interact with data to make positive change for local Delaware communities. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, all you need is a willingness to learn and a desire to help your community. We’ll meet regularly to work on projects and build community together.

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Delaware Tech Meetup

Delaware Tech Meetup is a monthly gathering where companies at any stage can demo new ideas, passionate thinkers and doers lead discussions about various technology related topics, and people connect to move ideas forward.

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Online Assessments

Practice Assessment

Familiarize yourself with the HackerRank platform and take the practice assessment as many times as you need to prepare for the real deal.

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Solve Algorithms

An algorithm is a well-defined procedure that takes input and produces output. Try a few of these sample algorithm challenges put together by HackerRank.

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JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners

Learn JavaScript basics with this one-hour video tutorial.

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Alternative Training Program

Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is an open-source community of adults learning to code. Join to gain access to nearly an unlimited supply of free tutorials on front-end development, data visualization, and back end development.

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