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Talent Is Distributed Evenly,
Opportunity Is Not!

Zip Code Wilmington is committed to making our transformational program available to the most diverse candidate pool possible.

Affording a world class education has never been easier. We created our pricing model to make a career in software development as accessible and affordable as possible.


Each of Zip Code’s bootcamps cost $16,500 per student.

Students are expected to pay $6,000 up front, unless they qualify for our scholarships. After completion of the program, the balance for a student hired by a corporate partner will be $1,500, with the corporate partner paying the remaining $9,000. Graduates do not owe the remainder of their tuition unless and until they land a job using the skills for which they received training.

Students who do not receive, or decline, an offer for a direct-hire job with a corporate partner are responsible for paying the remaining balance due, which is discounted for students up to a maximum balance of $7,500.



Need-based Scholarships & Stipends

See Federal Guidelines

Delaware Residents: For a limited time, and through the generous support of Delaware Governor John Carney, candidates who are Delaware residents and who can prove their household has earned less than 350% of the national poverty level may be eligible for a full scholarship and stipends through a workforce training grant funded by the American Rescue Plan Act.

Students may apply for financial assistance once they have been accepted into the program. Proper documentation is required for all financial assistance applications and it is the responsibility of the applicant to timely produce the necessary information to demonstrate eligibility for these opportunities.

Use our financial calculator to check your eligibility. Have questions about your eligibility? Reach out to us! Send an email to

Need-based Scholarships & Stipends

See Federal Guidelines

Zip Code Wilmington offers VET TEC for the Java Software Development program through the Department of Veterans Affairs. If you are admitted and have one day of GI Bill eligibility as of the first day of the program, you may be eligible for a VET TEC scholarship, which potentially pays the full cost of your tuition based on the 25-25-50 rule:
  • 25% of tuition paid after completing one day of the program
  • 25% of tuition paid after successfully completing the program
  • 50% of the tuition paid once “meaningful employment” is obtained in the field.
Living stipends are offered as well, provided that the veteran confirms their enrollment with the VA on a monthly basis during their program. For more information, please visit If you feel you are eligible, we recommend you apply for your Certificate of Eligibility now, as it may take 30-60 days to process. You do not need admission into the program to apply for the Certificate. In-person attendance is required for VET TEC recipients at Zip Code.

Our Scholarship Partners


Now more than ever, scholarships are vital. Please consider donating to help continue Zip Code’s legacy of offering life-changing experiences to people who are ready for change.

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Still have questions about our pricing or unsure if you are eligible for financial assistance? Reach out and we will do our best to support you in any way we can!